Email Marketing

Email Marketing - The Highest ROI

Various channels can help you engage with your customers. Research shows email marketing is still the most effective if you compare the Return On Investment (ROI) per channel.

Email Marketing
Organic Search (SEO)
Content Marketing
Paid Search (PPC)
Affiliate Marketing

1. Find new leads

Use advertisement and other channels to generate awareness for your brand.

2. Engage with emails

Nurture your leads and clients and frequently engage with topics they are interested in. 

How to streamline Email marketing for your company?

Email marketing is a process where your target prospect groups and evolve through different stages. First plan and decide what you want your campaigns to achieve within the available budget. Be realistic!

After that you will:

Position your business among brands that people consider initially. Build a targeted email amrketing list.

Help prospects engage with your brand and products.

Offer subscribers key information about your products and services.

Identify prospects who are interested in your solutions. Then send them detailed information.

Demonstrate how your products and services perform against market competition.

Drive conversions.

Build true relationships. Increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Delight customers. Get new customers through recommendations.

Generate Promising Relations

A panel was asked what the primary objectives of their email campaigns were. They were allowed to pick their top 3 options. 

Lead Generation

Companies want to meet new prospects and clients. The emails they send can convert leads from suspect, to prospect, to customer.


What is your company about? What value do you want to add? And how do you differentiate yourself from competitors? Tell your audience.


Selling your products or services wont happen on the first emails you send. But 'sales' will be the inevitable result when you nurture and engage the right way.

Brand Awareness

If people dont know you they wont buy from you. Brand Awareness is important to build your brand identity.

Reaching out to an extensive audience

Engaging with newer business prospects

Interacting live with possible clients

Email Marketing plays a crucial role in engaging with your network

Do not make the mistake (many companies do) to think your clients will keep coming back, no matter the attention you are giving. Build a real relationship and keep your prospects and clients updated on your new products and services. This effort will pay off!

Improved Brand Awareness

Invest in the relationship. Spend time to tell what ‘is new’. What you are doing. And what it is that only you can offer them. (USP’s)

Increased Traffic and Sales

Your prospects and clients will feel ‘connected’. They will buy more. And are less likely to switch to your competitor.

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